A Project Idea that Promotes the Respectful and Ethical Minds

Next year I will be teaching a combo of Earth and environmental sciences and as I have stated before, I am in the process of writing the curriculum for the course.  After reading Reed’s article, I came up with a good idea for a project that would help develop the respectful and ethical minds of my students.

The project will call for students to figure out a way that they can improve the environment of their local community.  Working in groups, students will need to devise and implement a plan to educate members of the community or physically improve a specific aspect of the environment.  Along the way students will document the steps taken through digital pictures or video.  At the end, students will compile the pictures into a digital storybook or use digital storytelling to organize the video in order to present the entire process of their project.

This project would certainly promote student respect for and ethical treatment of the environment.  Also, it is my feeling that respect for the environment reflects mutual respect for mankind.  The environment is one common thread that all humans share regardless of cultural background or socioeconomic status.

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